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Access to live monthly master mind meetings for your ongoing personal and business development and goal reaching needs. This subscription is ideal for a month by month commitment, or you can select the annual subscription for a 17% discount
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Learn from people who walk the talk. Who have created success in their lives and in the lives of thousands, across the world. The founders alone have over 80+ years collective experience in Sales,  Marketing, Education, Banking, Coaching, Training, IT Projects and Entrepreneurial innovation. Spend time with peers that will inspire you to the next level.

Motivation & Accountability

Congruency between values and goals fuel motivation. Focusing on that BIG goal, implementing the most impactful actions, keeping score and holding each other accountable; it all lies in the planning and execution. Even better results achieved when your team have your back. What gets measured gets done.

you'll love

Sharing of real life diverse knowledge, skillsets and experiences inside of Master Mind Groups has proven to invigorate your desire to grow and manifest your BIGGEST dreams. We have so much going on, incorporating live interactive meetings, video, audio, e-books, forums, seminars and much more. We are continuously evolving and adapting to ever changing environments so our members can stay ahead of the curve.
If you have landed here without seeing the full in-depth information on exactly what the SiL Master Mind Membership is all about then you should head over to the Discover M.M page and check out the short videos ensuring you have all the information you will need. 

Master Mind Subscription

Access to live monthly master mind meetings for your ongoing personal and business development and goal reaching needs and much much more..,
Mastermind Subscription

Why Should I Join

Powerful Monthly 3 Hour Mastermind - Accountability Processes - Breakout Rooms
Goal Setting and Realisation - Motivational Support - Dedicated Social Hub
Niche Problem Solving - Mobile App (*coming soon)
Mastermind Subscription

Further Benefits

Access To Optional Wealth Generation Platforms
Discounted Industry Certified Training (*coming soon)
Build Your Net Worth and Network from the global community
Free Access To The Optional I.C.E Platform

Our motto is

#Educate | #Equip | #Empower

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in any area of your life you choose.
Learn to set and reach your goals with proven methods, Increase your Net Worth in addition to your network.